The Royal Marines Commando status, represented by the coveted Green Beret is world renowned. The physical training that all Royal Marine recruits go through to become Royal Marine Commandos is challenging and demanding, yet structured and achievable.

When you join 350 Troop Marine cadets you will be working towards wearing the famous ‘Globe and Laurel’ cap badge worn by all Royal Marines. To achieve this goal there is a level of fitness that needs to be obtained to pass the cadet fitness tests. This fitness level is nothing to be concerned about as it is reached gradually and as a Troop effort over the course of the four to five month basic training period.

All adult ‘uniformed’ instructors are required to undertake the same cadet fitness tests and again the level of fitness will be achieved over the course of time. Age and medical conditions will be taken into consideration.

All PT sessions are delivered by our qualified Personal Trainer.